About Us

Julie and Peter Morris

Julie and Peter Morris

Local Service, UK-wide reach

Pinewood, a Hampshire-based private partnership serving the whole of the UK, was established in 1999 to help finance assets of all types and also to locate vehicles for customers at wholesale prices. Pinewood’s partners, Peter and Julie Morris, are delighted to welcome you to their range of services.

Life-changing products

We have over thirty years’ combined experience of supplying financing products. We derive great satisfaction from helping you acquire goods and assets that make a real difference to your life-style or to the performance of your business. Guided by our experience, understanding and professional expertise, regardless of the sector or business you’re in, you’ll have access to flexible asset-financing solutions to both personal or business needs.

More than just finance

But our expertise goes beyond just financial resources. You’ll be working with people who can share with you their in-depth knowledge of, and invaluable insights into, everyday events that can affect you, whether as a business or as an individual. Crucially important in a fast-changing world, where UK and European regulations are impinging more than ever before on so many areas of business life.


We pride ourselves on being able to build relationships with a whole range of clients – from individuals, sole traders and partnerships to limited companies, public liability companies and local authorities. You’re no more than an email or telephone call away from a Pinewood partner who’ll provide a personal service that’s second to none.

Low-cost route to asset acquisition

We’re always proactive in directing our actions to whatever needs to be done, using the skills most appropriate in the prevailing circumstances. In search of the best deals, we use not only our own in-house resources but also tap into the additional expertise of an extensive network of associates. A trade-deal based pricing structure reduces the cost of asset acquisition even further.