Diesel pump price hits two-year high

The average price of diesel has hit its highest level in more than two years. Latest RAC Foundation figures, published on 20th January 2017 show UK motorists were paying on average £122.1 pence per litre for diesel – the highest since December 2014.  Petrol pump prices were £119.70 pence per litre on the same day.  […]

Minibus safety – A Code of Practice

When purchasing a new or second hand vehicle, you should ensure that a qualified engineer confirms that the vehicle is roadworthy, safe and fit for purpose. Operators must also be sure that any minibus they hire or lease is roadworthy and safe. A clear procedure must be put in place to ensure that the minibus […]

Why are Autumn petrol prices going up in the UK?

Fuel prices in Great Britain are going up for several reasons. The mini-crash of the already weakened pound is a major one, with the rise in cost of crude oil also significantly affecting Autumn petrol prices. Local competition is another factor that should be taken into account. Unfortunately, motorists cannot hide from the increase, as […]

New Car Sales at 19-Year High

New car sales went into overdrive last month with the second biggest monthly figure on record to provide a timely confidence boost to Britain’s economy. Strong demand for the new March 16 plates pushed UK registrations 5.3 per cent higher to 518,707, a figure only surpassed in August 1997. It was only the third time […]

Protect yourself against Identity Theft

Your identity and personal information are valuable. If criminals find out your personal details, they can use them to get documents such as passports and driving licences, then open bank accounts and get credit cards, loans, and hire purchase agreements in your name. If your identity is stolen, you might find it difficult to get […]