Pinewood can refinance equipment to release capital for business development. We are based in Berkshire and offer car refinance and equipment refinance and have a number of solutions to suit our clients.

We are personable and flexible in our approach, and we will work with you to build up a finance solution that works for you. Drawing on our 30+ years of experience and knowledge about the industry, coupled with an in depth knowledge of what you need out of your deal, we are able to not only get you the best deal, but also add value to your transaction without breaking the bank.

If you are running your own business, at some point you will come up against the need to invest in order to continue growing. But this usually requires a substantial amount of capital investment, and often you will find yourself unable to grow further without it. Unfortunately, banks are shoring up their defences against further lending, and the idea of dipping further into your overdraft makes your blood run cold. Surely there is a better way?

Pinewood Asset Finance are happy to be able to offer you an easy solution to that problem. We can help you find easier ways to raise capital by examining the potential already in your business. For example, you may have unused assets within the business, or you could refinance existing assets and release the equity held within them.

There are many more solutions up our sleeves just like these, which help you release equity and raise capital to invest in your business without touching your bank account or credit rating. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

At Pinewood we believe that everyone is entitled to a little help when they need it. That’s why we don’t discriminate when it comes to our refinancing packages.

We will take you on even if you are an individual, new business, established business or if you have a problematic credit history to contend with.

Just get in touch to organise a free consultation and we will see how we can help you refinance your assets and release the money you need to grow your business into a thriving enterprise.